A Million Rashers

Blarney Street Boys, 4th Class, County Cork, 1st February 2019

One day in Texas, Billy Bob Joe was cooking in a small house.

Then Billy Bob Joe saw his best friend Paul the Potato.

Paul the Potato got into the frying pan to get a tan. When Paul the Potato got onto the frying pan, Billy Bob Joe almost ate him.

Then Billy Bob Joe said, “If you stay in there, you're going to get oranger than an orangutan.” 

 Then devil sausage rolled down the stairs and went into the kitchen and scared them.

But then Billy Bob Joe saw his rashers and instead of being scared he went to go eat them.

While Billy Bob Joe was eating his rashers, the devil sausage flew into his mouth.

 He's big and brown. He tried to save the rashers.

Then he found the rashers and threw a party in Billy Bob Joe's stomach.

Then Billy Bob Joe vomited the rashers and the sausage.

The devil sausage was saying “No!” and Billy Bob Joe was eating the rashers off the floor.

And soon after that, he needed to go to the toilet.

But when Billy Bob Joe was in the toilet he started to go red because the devil sausage had been covered in hot sauce.

 Then he started to noticing part of him was turning into the sausage!