Milkshake Madness with Billy Bob Joe

The Ark, Story Writing Workshop, 2 November 2011
It was lunchtime at the milkshake bar and a lady named Lisa made a milkshake with chocolate, strawberry and banana ice cream.

A test car driver who tests cars powered by highly volatile substances named Billy Bob Joe had ordered a milkshake. Billy Bob Joe sneezed and got some of the toxic goo into the milkshake. Suddenly, the milkshake came to life and ran away!

The milkshake thought he needed another flavor so he ran down the street to another milkshake bar. When he got there he saw a straw stuck in a bottle of Coke.

“Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m looking for another flavour,” said the milkshake.

“I’m Sam and if you get me out of this bottle of Coke, I will help you,” said the straw.

Sam kicked her legs to get out of the bottle of Coke with Kevin helping her.

That stirred up the bubbles in the bottle of Coke and made him very angry!

“Well, you’ve taken my straw, if you think you are going to get another flavour in this joint, you’ve got another think coming!” yelled the bottle of Coke.