Scoil Cuanneal​, Co. Mayo, 3rd and 4th Class, Fighting Words Mayo

“Run!” screamed Timmy the Turtle. “Sammy is coming.”

“I’m going to get you,’ hissed Sammy the Snake. “Run as fast as your little panda legs can carry you! I’ll get you someday.”

“I wish I could fly. I would be so much quicker,” mumbled Peter the Panda.

“Why does Sammy the Snake always want to hurt us?” asked Timmy the Turtle.

Timmy and Peter were running through the jungle and climbing through the trees.

Timmy yelled, “At least it’s not raining!”

However, just then it started to pour rain and Timmy just wanted to go home.

As Peter was running, he got stuck in a plastic straw.

“If you had been to the gym more, we wouldn't have this problem!” remarked Timmy the Turtle.

Suddenly, Peter found some magic milk in the straw. He chugged it and all of a sudden he grew wings…