The Mighty Pizza

Claregalway Educate Together National School, County Galway, 3rd and 4th Class,  26 May 2017

Once upon a time there was a flying cow called Timmy. 

Timmy was flying above the trees when he spotted someone who needs help. He flew down. 

Timmy saw a fox about to eat a rabbit. Timmy flicked the fox away with his horns. 

“Hi, I is cow, begone!” 

To his horror, Timmy realised that he flicked away the rabbit and not the fox. “Ha ha! I is super cow. Oh no! I has flicked the wrong one!” 

Timmy chased after the rabbit. “Sorry, Furball. I has flicked the wrong one,” 

“It’s okay, but my name isn’t Furball, it’s Coochi” said the rabbit. 

“I is Timmy,” said Timmy. 

Timmy spotted Coochi’s key chain that had a picture of the Mona Lisa. 

“What is dat?” asked Timmy. 

Coochi said, “It is the logo of Zuko the Italian butcher.”  

Timmy offered to bring Coochi for something to eat.  “Let’s go for pizza,” Coochi  suggested. “I know a nice place that does uber pizza.”

Timmy asked, “What is dat?” 

Coochi said, “Let’s go!” 

At Freddy Fazbears’ Pizza Parlour, there were creepy animatronics handing out cupcakes. 

When they got their pizza, Timmy said, “Dat is yummy!” 

Then Tony the Conqueror came in with the Mighty Pizza. Timmy decided, “I wants dat!” 

Meanwhile Tony the Conqueror had been tracking Coochi and wanted her back…