The Messed Up Match

Scoil Thomais, Castleknock, 4th Class, 9th October 2018

Joey the toilet started off as a normal toilet during a football match.

One day, he broke free from the bathroom in the stadium to watch a football match.

While at the match, Joey met Timmy the toilet roll, who was playing in goals.

Joey was eating some Doritos when he fell onto the middle of the pitch and the ball rolled over to him.

“Do you want to play in the net?” asked Timmy the toilet roll.

Joey said nervously, “I guess I will.”

Joey scored a goal and then he was swapped with another player and he was on the side-lines.

While on the side-lines, a fan jumped onto the pitch and sat on him.

Joey got really mad.

“Get off!” said Joey angrily.

The man stood on Joey and flushed himself down.

Timmy the Toilet Roll had run out of toilet paper.

The bag of Doritos that Joey had been eating before came out of nowhere and gave Timmy more paper.

The bag of Dorritos’ name was David and the toilet paper that he gave Timmy was magical and it allowed Timmy to block every goal!

A soccer player came up to them and told them that something really bad was going to happen to them…