Meatball Madness

St Brigid’s, County Wicklow 5th Class, 21st  September 2016

Jim the Cyborg Meatball is going to Hollywood to get the Ultimate Moustached Muffin’s autograph.

On his way through Mutated Meatball Kingdom he sees Sprinkles the Cupcake behind a lettuce bush crying sprinkles because Jam the Man-eating Seagull was threatening to eat her. 

“Give me all your sprinkles,” Jam said “or I’ll take you to Mutated Matt’s bakery and put you in the oven.”

“I just wanted to go to the pool,” Sprinkles said sadly.

“Oven, oven, oven, oven,” chants Jam as he flies down to gobble Sprinkles and Jim up.

He doesn’t chew or swallow but takes them straight to the bakery. 

They get dropped in Mutated Matt’s Bakery but there is a hole in the wall where the oven was …