Max’s Adventure

St. Fiachras JNS, 2nd class, 27th November 2020

One day, there was a dog called Max. One day Max and his best friend, Ruby the Cat were playing at the park.

All of a sudden, a ball came by.

The ball rolled by and Max put his paw on the ball, but he forgot he can’t play with balls because of the way he was born.

Then, he scratched the ball and it deflated.

Then, he never played with a ball again.

He dug a hole and found a laser bone.

The laser bone was magic, but Max didn’t know that.

“Wow! I found a bone,” said Max.

Then a frisbee came by. “OMG! There’s a frisbee!” shouted Ruby.

Then Max heard a vacuum. The vacuum sucked them up inside of it.

Max then made a ladder out of all the dust.

Then Max found his old bone in the vacuum.

Then, the ladder suddenly fell...