Mary and Lisa and Bob the Dragon Go On an Adventure

St. Michaels School, Chapelizod Junior 5 24th February 2011
Once there lived a bride called MaryHer best friend was a tooth fairy called Lisa.

Mary lived in a palace.   Lisa lived in a giant tooth with a bed.

One day Mary and Lisa went out to play in the playground in the castle. Mary made a wish.

‘I wish I get the guy of my dreams,’ she said to Lisa.

Lisa said, ‘OK, I’ll make the wish come true with my star wand.’

But then the owl flew down from the forest and snatched the wand from Lisa’s hand.

‘Oh, no!’ said Lisa. ‘That mean owl.’

‘Ha, ha,’ said the owl. ‘You’ll never  never get your wand back. Too bad.’

‘We’ll have to go and get the wand back,’ said Mary.

Lisa rang Bob, the dragon on her mobile phone.

‘I lost my star wand,’ she said. ‘Can you help me find it, please?’