A Marshmallow's Life

St. Fiachra's JNS, 2nd Class, 17/02/10
There was once a marshmallow called Squishy and she liked chocolate. Squishy had a best friend called Biker the Robot who rode a motorbike.

Squishy’s greatest wish was to bathe in hot chocolate.

Squishy thought she was going to the clothes shop, but she went to the sweet shop by accident.

The shop-keeper didn’t know Squishy was alive and put her on the shelf!

Squishy pulled out a mobile phone, which was a mini-marshmallow part of her body, and called her best friend Biker the Robot to help her. But before he got there, somebody bought Squishy.

The person who bought her was a scientist called Gary the Gadget Guy. He took her home and turned her into a penguin.

Biker the Robot got to the sweet shop. “Has there been a marshmallow sold here yet?” he asked.

“Yes there has,” said the shop-keeper.

“Who bought it?” Biker asked.

“Gary the Gadget Guy,” said the shop-keeper.

Biker was driving to Gary’s house, but he was picked up and brought to a toy shop.

Back in Gary’s house, Squishy wanted to turn back into a marshmallow so she could take her bath in hot chocolate.

She was thinking to herself “I wonder if Biker is coming to save me from the sweet shop. I’ve got to warn him that I’m already taken.”