The man with no limits

St Francis NS, Newcastle, 5th and 6th class, County Wicklow, 29th May 2019

In an alley, where nobody goes, there lived a homeless man called Jeff.

One day, a bin truck got stuck in the alley and no one could move it.  So Jeff decided to live in it.

He liked living there because he could eat scraps. 

Since Jeff didn’t know one car from another he thought the bin truck was a Lamborghini! 

He dreamt of racing his Lamborghini through downtown New York.

One night when he was sleeping in the bin truck he heard a noise and got scared… 

He went to investigate and he saw a goat savaging all his food. 

Surprisingly, Jeff and the goat became friends.

“Are you homeless?” asked the goat

“Wow! You can talk! And yes, I’m homeless”

“Oh, that’s why the food tasted so baaad!”

“Who are you and what’s your name?” asked Jeff

“My name is Gustoff” replied the goat “and by the way, have you any more food, I’m starving?”

Their conversation was interrupted by a quick succession of bullets that pierced through the night. 

It was a gangland fight so Jeff and his new friend Gustoff ran as fast as they could to Central Park……