The Magic Cupcakes of Coultry

Virgin Mary BNS, Ballymun, 3rd & 5th Class, 23rd November 2011
Once upon a time in Ireland, a leprechaun called Curlan was born. 

On the day of his birth, a magic man visited their house in Coultry and told his mother that Curlan would be the greatest footballer in the world. 

As Curlan grew up, he practiced every day.  When he reached sixteen, people said he was one of the best footballers in the world. 

But at the same time, over in Wales, another great footballer was becoming famous.  His name was Muppet Man. 

Curlan was worried about Muppet Man stealing his fame.  He went to visit his best friend, John the Talking Teddy Bear.
Curlan said to John, “John, I’m afraid of a new footballer called Muppet Man.  He keeps saying that he’ll beat me!”

John the teddy bear replied, “Actually Curlan, he’s only that good because he eats magic cupcakes. 

If you get them you’ll definitely be the best in the world!”
Then Muppet Man challenged
Curlan to a game of football. 

Curlan told him he would only play him if the cupcakes were the prize!...