The Magic Bread

St. Laurence’s NS, Greystones​, 4th Class, County Wicklow, 28 May 2019

One day Donko the Duck woke up from a lovely dream about lovely delicious Brodon’s fresh bread.

All the other ducks in the pond teased him.

His best friend, Random Raccoon, would randomly jump on people and on ducks.

This embarrassed Donko. Random Raccoon had a disease which he kept secret.

One day, Donko took his friend to the town.

Whilst in town he wanted to get Brodon’s bread and medicine for Random.

The bread was needed to make it the best medicine.

On their way they saw the butcher coming out of his shop.

The butcher, with his dirty cape, mouldy cheese on his apron and blood head to toe, even on his mouth was talking to his Butcher friend.

Donko said to his best friend:

“Don’t you think that butcher guy is a bit creepy?”

Then they heard the butcher say:

“I think we’re low on duck and we could always try raccoon.”

Suddenly the butcher spotted Donko and Random and said: “That duck looks tasty…