The Mafia vs the Chocolate Chip Cookies

Scoil Íosagáin, Crumlin, 3rd/4th Class, 8th November 2011
Once upon a time there was a GIANT chocolate chip cookie named Chocolate and a mafia gangster named Fat Johnny.

Two years ago, a mad scientist made Chocolate a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Meanwhile, 60 Cent the gangster left the gang run by Fat Johnny to go defeat his arch-enemy Chocolate.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie was out of control and wanted to eat everyone!  60 Cent was afraid of the Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie and went into the toilet to hide… but there was no toilet paper! And who was there but Chocolate himself - who jumped out and tried to eat him.

60 Cent eventually got away and went back to Fat Johnny and the gangsters. Chocolate was furious and started World War III against the gangsters. It ended up as World War III: Gangsters of the Mafia vs the Chocolate Chip Cookies of 2011.

Chocolate’s girlfriend Coco was pregnant and unleashed an ARMY OF CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES against Fat Johnny and 60 Cent.  All the baby chocolate chip cookies were fed up of being eaten themselves, so they tried to eat all the gangsters – but the gangsters got away.

The gangsters armed themselves with milk guns to repel the army of cookies.  Their guns exploded, milk flew everywhere and the battle was really on…