Macker the Explorer

St Joseph's CBS Fairview, 5th/6th Class
One day there was a chicken nugget called Chicken McNugget, or, Macker for short. He was from the future and he flew into a magic deep fat fryer which brought him back in time to 2009.

He landed in KFC where he met up with his gang of chips who at this time were still only baby potatoes. His rival, the Quarter Pounder, was only a baby Angus Burger.

Macker was taken out of KFC and into the forest when a man ordered a takeaway for a romantic dinner with his girlfriend.

The toy that came with the meal was a hamster ball and Macker got inside. Because the Coke in the paper bag had made a huge hole at the bottom of the bag, he managed to escape.

Macker’s best friend was a unicorn with a toaster on his head, with fish fingers that popped out every five minutes.

They met in the forest. The unicorn heard a funny noise and spotted the hamster ball rolling on the ground.

The noise was very loud because there was a microphone inside the hamster ball.

“What on earth was that?!” the unicorn thought to himself.

“Oh yum, food!” he said and decided to eat the Chicken Nugget.

“Don’t eat me!” screamed Macker. “It’s me, I’ve come from the future. I need your help to get back on the menu!”