Lucy and the fox

Sacred Heart JNS, Killinarden, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 04 March 2021

Once upon a time, a bunny named Lucy was in the woods.  She was out collecting carrots from the woods. Then she found another bunny named Zoe.

There is a big fox in the woods, Zoe said to Lucy.  Lucy grabbed all of her carrots and started running with her friend. 

The fox is very hungry.  The fox was hunting for animals.  The fox saw Lucy and Zoe and started chasing them.

Lucy was going to run to her owner, She went in to her burrow in the ground where the fox couldn’t get her. 

Zoe got in to the burrow as well. 

They were digging their way through, to try and come out in a different place.

They had to take turns to go out and look for food.

When they came out they were going to their owner but the fox chased them to a cliff. 

Then they jumped on the fox’s back, then they jumped off and ran to the owner. 

The rabbits thought they were safe but at night the fox snuck in and tried to eat them...