Lucy and the Big Bad Pig

St Rose’s National School, Tallaght​, 3rd Class, 6th December 2018

Lucy met the big fat pig called Jeffy. She ran away and she fell in some water.

She was scared, but then Frank the ninja came and saved her.

The pig caught up with them and chased Lucy and Frank.

They fell back into the water and a submarine came to rescue them.

Then Lucy and Frank realised something horrible - it was the bad pig that was piloting the submarine!

The pig gave Lucy and Frank a potion that made them forget everything and he captured them.

They fell out of the submarine and farted all the way up to the surface.

Back on land, Lucy and Frank ran away.

Lucy’s mam, Becky, came to the rescue this time.

But Lucy couldn’t remember her mam because of the potion, so she tried to get away again.

The pig Jeffy sent out his guards to chase after them…