Lucky Ducky

St Saviour’s, 3rd & 4th class, County Wicklow, 30 May 2019

Once upon a time there was an Irish duck called Luck.  He lived outside a sock factory in Rathdrum.

He hadn’t yet hatched, so he couldn’t see much, but he had the finest looks! 

He knew this because his egg was full of mirrors.

As he started pecking out of his shell, he saw a rainbow and a strange bearded dog barking at ducks who were waving an English flag. 

The ducks also had English accents.

Luck quacked viciously and rudely at all the other ducks, and they started attacking him!

He grabbed a sock full of butter to defend himself with, but it didn’t work because the ducks just ate the butter!

Then the bearded dog came to help him. 

He was very nice so he didn’t bite them, he just tried to lick them to death.  Rather, he just drove them to insanity.

“Oi, whuchu doin’, bro?” the ducks exclaimed, irritated.

“You filthy hound!” they shouted.

The bearded dog’s breath was so stinky that the English ducks fainted.

“Dinner time!” the dog said.

“NO!” Luck shouted.  “I’m a duck, too!”

Just then, a leprechaun floated down from the rainbow…dun dun DUN