The Love Within

St Catherine’s Senior School, Cabra West, 4th Class, 7th November 2012, Illustrations by Katie Bartrand
Millie the mermaid was in the underwater castle in the magical sea of Ooo.

Millie was the maid for the two mermaid princesses, who were very mean.  She had to serve their food, clean their rooms, make their beds and do their laundry. 

It was her day off and she wanted to sneak out of the castle to meet her best friend, Dasher the Dolphin.

Millie wasn’t allowed to ever leave the castle in case one of the princesses needed her.   One of the guards caught her trying to leave the castle and she was sent up to the tower and locked inside.

As Millie was looking out the window she saw Dasher and his brother Dougie playing bubbleball.

Just then Prince George passed by on his seahorse.  He was on his way to the castle to bring a message to the king and queen. 

Millie thought he was the most handsome merman she had ever seen.  “I wonder what he thinks of those two brats? I have to get out of here!”

Millie started banging on the door.  Prince George heard the banging when the guard let him into the castle.

“What’s that sound?” askd Prince George.

“It’s just the wind.” the guard told him.

“Would you tell the king and queen that I’m here, please?” said Prince George.

After the guard left, Prince George followed the banging noise upstairs to the tower. As he kicked the locked door in with his tail, he saw a beautiful mermaid servant swimming out the window with her dolphin friend.
“She’s the most beautiful mermaid I’ve ever seen!” he whispered to himself as she swam away.