The Love Row

Holy Child GNS, Larkhill. 4th Class
Chapter One
Once upon a time, there was an evil witch called Doris. She lived in an old cave. She was with her black cat, cooking up some children in her big cauldron.

Her best friend, the three-eyed googley monster, came into the cave and said “Raaaaaaaaaa!!!”

Doris began to give out to the three-eyed googley monster because he was so annoying.  They started arguing.

He was so angry that he robbed her broom. She began chasing him all around the cave, until the three-eyed googley monster finally boxed Doris in the head.

 Doris got so angry that she hit back.  They ended up having a wrestling match. The black cat decided to join in with the three-eyed googley monster. The monster stole the cat though!

Doris shook her fist and shouted, “get out of my cave!!!!” at the three-eyed googley monster.

He was very sensitive and began to cry from all three eyes, because the witch had told him to get out. The witch started to cry because the three-eyed googley monster had stolen her cat. There was so much crying that the cave was flooded with tears.

Doris was so sad she lost her appetite and couldn’t eat her children.

The three-eyed googley monster felt bad, so he went back into the cave, returned the broomstick and the cat.

They hugged and made up.

However, he decided to take the broom once again after all, so snatched it and ran off.

Doris caught a glimpse of a mirror in her cave. She couldn’t stand the sight of it. She was so afraid of it that it cracked. Then she proceeded to scream for half an hour: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!”

The three-eyed googley monster came back again to return her broomstick and gave her a present too. It was a brand new mirror.

She looked at it and screamed again. She picked it up and hit it over the three-eyed googley monster’s head.

“Why do you keep on bringing me mirrors?” she screamed.

“I just want to show you how hideous you are” he replied. "And besides, you keep on breaking all the other ones.”

The two of them got into yet another row! After the row they fell in love.

She said longingly, “I wish I had a husband.”

The three-eyed googley monster got the witch’s wand and handed it to her.  Doris turned the three-eyed googley monster into a husband.

He proposed romantically by presenting Doris with a lovely little child’s finger, shaped like a ring, with a beautiful big eyeball shining in the middle of it...