Lost at Sea

Gaelscoil Kilrush and Knockerra Primary School, 5th & 6th Class, 16th October 2019

Be ready to go on an adventure with James the Sea Manatee and Pluto the Puffer fish...

James always had one wish and that was to be able to talk. He was in the water swimming with Pluto the Puffer Fish.

It was nighttime. There was a storm brewing and the waves were getting tough and strong.

The stars were out. James was afraid of them, so he stayed underneath the water.

He leapt into the air and dove down.

He was worried about his parents, who had gone off looking for treasure.

Also, he was hungry.

James said to Pluto, “Do you want to go out looking for food?”

Pluto was too scared to go out with James, so he hid behind a rock.

On his way looking for food, James met his parents. There was a big wave coming and his mother was in the way.

She was swept to the bottom of the shore and her fin was hurt.

She couldn’t bring back the treasure.

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, James was swept up by a fishing boat.

Pluto was starting to worry because James was taking a long time.

Pluto was hungry too, so he went out looking for James.

He saw James get caught up in the net...