The Lost Powers

Sisters of Charity National School, Clonmel, 5th Class, 14th April 2015
One day, Puddles the Super-Frog went back in time and Eggy the Evil Eagle took his superpowers.

Then Eggy put the superpowers in the golden super-puddle.

Cheesy the Mouse is Puddles’s best friend. While Puddles was at his house, Cheesy goes to see Eggy the Evil Eagle.

“Hi Eggy, can I work for you as your apprentice?” asked Cheesy.

Eggy says, “Okay Cheesy.”

Later, Eggy was talking with his other apprentice. Cheesy overheard the conversation.

Eggy was telling his apprentice not to tell Cheesy where the superpowers were.

Eggy tells his apprentice that the powers are in the golden super-puddle.

Cheesy runs back to Puddles.

“I know where the superpowers are. They are in the golden super-puddle,” said Cheesy.

“Where is the golden super-puddle?” Puddles asked…