Longnose The Gnome

St Patrick’s NS, Curtlestown, County Wicklow, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class, 15th September 2016 

Longnose the gnome was helping an old lady gnome bring her apples into the house when he bumped into Fiery the Dragon.

Longnose said “Who are you?” 

“Hi, my name is Fiery,” the dragon replied.

“I am very sorry for bumping into you”, Longnose said. 

“Oh, it’s ok!” 

“Do you want to be friends?” Longnose asked.

“Sure, why not!” Fiery said.

That night when Longnose went to bed, he had a dream that he was a famous footballer. He woke up suddenly and he banged his head on his bed. 

Fiery came into the room and said “What’s wrong? Will we go into my cave?” 

“I have a bump on my head now, can we get an ice pack at yours?” said Longnose, “How far away is it?” “2 or 3 miles, but don’t worry I can teleport you there!”

Longnose got the ice pack, and they had some tea.

When Longnose went to leave Fiery’s cave, he saw a spider called Tarantula hanging from the ceiling…