Llama Drama

Mercy School, St. John’s Road Wexford, Co. Wexford, 6th Class, 22th November 2019

Splish splash Gerry was starting to get bored of the ocean.

As the waves started to crash against the shore, Gerry started to think.

‘Is there more to this ocean life’? Gerry deeply stares at the sparkling sea shells.

Simon glides across the water to Gerry elegantly and they have a conversation.

How will Gerry tell Simon about her plan? She hesitated....

Finally she decided to tell her that they were going to Argentina to pursue a new life.

But she thought about how she could get there. Simon said ‘I can glide elegantly and you can fly.’

Gerry said ‘Yeah but I can’t fly and I can’t ride on your back because I’m afraid of Llamas.’

One then two glittering tears trickled down her face. ‘Hey hey’ says Gerry, ‘one thing at a time’!

Then Simons family of evil Llamas glided across the ocean. She heard the order ‘Charge’! and she lifted up into the sky.

Gerry got out her Oreo and Jelly Bean gun. Simon said ‘We can get jobs in Argentina as butter makers.’

‘I wanted to be a butter maker all my life.’ Gerry shot her gun into the clouds and to her surprise she was able to fly her whole life long.

Simon charged at her family and fell into the deep ocean. Gerry had to decide what to do next...