The Lion, The Witch and Jackson

Ozanam House, 7 July 2009
Once upon a time there was a nice boy named Jackson. He was walking to football training one evening at seven o’clock when he saw the Witch, Miss Big Nose.

She tried to put a spell on him, but he dodged out of the way.

“I’ll be back,” she yelled.

Later that night while he was playing football she came back and cast a spell on him.

He woke up the next day but he didn’t realise that he had been changed. He went to go play with his best friend the Lion.  He was very mean to him.

“Get out of my way.  I’m not going to feed you anymore. You are the worst lion in the world!” Jackson said.

The Lion replied “What is wrong with you Jackson?”

Jackson said “You are not my best friend” and kicked him.

The Lion knew that Miss Big Nose was responsible for his bad behaviour 

The Lion went to find Miss Big Nose. Meanwhile, Jackson went to his girlfriend’s house to break up with her.

The Lion went to the castle where the Witch lived, and got trapped inside. When he stepped in the front door, he fell through a hole in the floor and landed in a cage…