Lily's Bravery

By Manha, Age 8, Co. Dublin

Once in a beautiful forest, there was a beehive. It was full of bees. They used to have jobs.

One fine day, an egg in the beehive hatched. “Why is it so bright in here?” asked the new-born bee.

Then she was taken to a school. She had no idea what a school was. Then she saw her teacher bee.

The teacher bee was busy naming the other baby bees. “Hallo there, I will name you Ron,” said Miss Lol, the class teacher, to another baby.

After Miss Lol named all of the baby bees, she named Lily the baby bee.

“Why do we need names?” asked Lily.

“Well, nice question, We need names so that w can call each other.”

Lily always disturbs bees that are concentrating on their jobs. The queen is very bored of hearing complaints about Lily.

Then after hearing lots of complaints about Lily, the queen made a decision. She gave Lily a job.

The job was collecting honey from flowers. It was the day to do her first job. When Lily got out, it was the most beautiful place she went to.

She went so far from home. But Lily still had got only a few bits of honey.

After some time, she saw a cave.

Lily went in and took a look. Lily found a golden flower. “Ho! I want to take honey from that!” said Lily.

She then took a lot of honey from that flower and left to go home.

But inside the cave the golden flower belonged to Magnon, the evil spider.

“Where is the honey in my golden flower?” asked Magnon the evil spider.

Then two butterflies came.

The butterflies had a soft pillow. On the pillow there was a wand.

Magnon shook the magic wand and ordered, “Show!” Then he saw that Lily took it.

Magnon was very angry. His team set off for a fight. Magnon and his team went to the beehive.

When the bees saw this, they got their armour on everybody and started fighting.

Lily now knew that she had taken Magnon’s honey.

Lily yelled to everybody, “Stop! I will give your honey back.” Lily gave a pot full of honey to Magnon.

The butterflies and Magnon went home.

Magnon poured the honey back into the flower.

Then the flower exploded.

The honey was not the honey which was in the flower before.

Everybody in the beehive cheered for Lily.

They all lived happily.

The end.