Lily and Her Mysterious Grandmother

Holy Family S.N.S, Rivervalley, Swords, 5th Class, 28th September 2012
Lily was a small girl who lived in a big world.  She lived in a mansion in New York.  

One day, her parents left on a business trip to India.  Her granny, Betty, arrived to mind her. Betty was the nicest granny during the day BUT at nighttime, when the full moon came up, she turned into a witch.

Lily’s parents had never seen her at nighttime. So they didn’t know about this unfortunate side of her personality.

On the third night, there was a full moon. Lily was in her bed reading a book. Betty came in to say good night. Just then, a beam of moonlight came through the window and hit her.

Betty’s hair puffed up and became green.  A huge hairy wart grew on her nose and a black cat with big red eyes appeared in her arms. She began to stroke the cat and cackle.

“Eh, Granny, it’s not Halloween,” said Lily.

“Oh, I know that,” said Betty. “Ahehahehahahaehehe!”  

She then grabbed and said, “You need a wash, you little brat!”

Betty carried Lily downstairs to the kitchen. Last midnight, Betty had read in an issue of her favorite magazine, The Daily Witch, that you could shrink people using ordinary household objects.

Betty put Lily into the washing machine. But then she made a mistake, instead of filling the machine with normal powder she accidently put in a special superhero powder.

As she was closing the door, two of her fingers got caught and fell off.  Lily tried to shout for help but the washing machine started up.

Quickly, Lily started to grow smaller and smaller and smaller, to the size of a shoe. At the same time, the magic potion started to work on her. Fire started to come out of her eyes, and sweets out of her ears.

Suddenly Lily heard a voice say, “Can I have a sweet?”

“Who said that?” she said, turning around. And there stood the witch’s two fingers. They were wearing a red cap and seemed to be talking to her...