A Life in the Name of Pickle

St. Joseph’s BNS Terenure, 3rd Class, Wednesday 7th December 2011
Mr Pickle lived in a pickle jar.  He was looking at his ‘to do’ list and he saw that he had lots to do, including kissing the atomic toilet.

Mr Pickle went downstairs and dressed in his tuxedo and had a smooch with himself in the mirror.

Wearing his tuxedo, he climbed into his jacuzzi. When he was finished in the jacuzzi, he headed to the atomic toilet’s house.

On his way, he met the Pickle Eater, who was very hairy with an elephant trunk and sharp teeth and smelly breath.

“Where are you going?” growled the Pickle Eater.

He threw flour all over Mr Pickle. He lunged at Mr Pickle with his sharp teeth and smelly breath exposed. 

Drool was flying everywhere.

What was Mr Pickle going to do?!