Lenny the Super-Cow

St. Columba's NS, 3rd Class, 08/06/10
One day Moo-Moo the Cow was in the field playing with her best friend Pinky the Pig. Moo-Moo the Flying Cow took off flying and she saw an airplane in the sky and flew beside it.

Then, on the other side of the airplane, she saw another flying cow, Lenny Moo.

Suddenly Moo-Moo fell out of the sky and Lenny went after her, yelling “Super Cow!!!!!!”

He dove after her and he caught her five feet from the ground.

He set her down on the ground and said “Toodle-loo!”

Moo-Moo called after Lenny and said, “I love you!”

Lenny didn’t hear her and kept on flying away.

Suddenly a tractor came across the field towards Moo-Moo.

Pinky came running across the field in slow-motion and pushed Moo-Moo out of the way.

Pinky yelled “Mooove!” as she pushed Moo-Moo out of the way. Pinky tripped over a log…