The Legend of Noel the Squirrel

St. Fiachra's, 6th Class, 22/2/2010
On Tuesday, at 1:30am, Cheryl Mole slapped her ex-husband Noel the Squirrel in the face.

”Get out of our tree!!” he yelled. “You’ll be licking my paws when I’m supreme overlord of the world.”

“No, you can lick my paws!” she said as she smacked him again and walked off.

As he started to cry, his friend Kevinette the pelican flew in to the tree and offered him a coffee.

”Have a Squirrel-bucks,” she said. (FYI Kevinette is addicted to coffee.)

“I’m not in the mood at the moment,” said Noel, as he put two bags of frozen peas on his cheeks.

“More for me,” said Kevinette happily.

He jumped up on the table and shouted, “I wish I could get back at Cheryl and be ruler of the world! Then I could make her clean my toilet with her toothbrush.”

“Would you make her get me coffee every day?” Kevinette said.

“Yeah yeah,” Noel said as he jumped out of the hole in the tree and set off to Arts and Hobbies to buy his cape.


When he arrived, he discovered that the only colour cape they had left was pink.

“Pink I love it!!” Noel said overjoyed.He thought the pink would make him stand out.He turned the cape around and saw a giant “S” on the back.

He thought it was “S” for squirrel. He ran out of the shop without paying because he was in such a hurry to build his giant robot to help him take over the world.

He returned to his tree to see if Kevinette would help him, but she was hyper on coffee.

“Your robot could run on coffee!!!” she screamed….