Leah the Alien

Fighting Words at ILF Dublin Party in the Park, 20 May 2018

Once upon a time, there was an alien called Leah, who was an orphan.

She didn’t know where she came from. She really wanted to find her parents.

Leah was living on Earth, disguised as a human. When she was a baby, her parents sent her there with her twin brother Liam on an asteroid.

One morning, she was in her bed while Liam was trying to wake her up.

“Hey, wake up! I’m super bored!” said Liam.

Leah woke up. “Stop shouting at me!” she shouted back.

“You’re shouting too!” said Liam.

“You do realise how annoying you are, right Liam?” Leah asked.

“I found a map on the floor,” said Liam, “and I think it might lead to our parents.”

“What if somebody finds out we are aliens?” asked Leah.

“But isn’t it worth it if we find our parents?” said Liam.

They set out on a rocket late at night to find their parents.

“This is awesome!” shouted Liam, floating into zero gravity.

“I can fly!”

Suddenly, they crashed into another rocket and fell towards the ocean.

Little did they know that their parents were on the other rocket…

Dun dun DUN!