Lavender and the Jungle

Scoil Mhuire Agus Eoin, 3rd Class, Fighting Words Cork, 02 November 2021

There was once a girl named Lavender. She has a pet cat that is orange and yellow and is called Whiskers.

Her cat is very cute.Lavender’s greatest wish is to go to the jungle and meet new animals.

But the only thing she doesn’t want to see in the jungle is snakes.

The reason why she doesn’t like snakes is because they are so creepy and they are venomous.

She took anti-venom before going to the jungle to keep her safe.

When she got to the jungle she started to get really excited.

She saw lots of tigers and she saw lots of birds.

She hears parrots squawking and elephants stomping and owls hooting.

Her cat, Whiskers, is a little scared in the jungle. Suddenly a group of monkeys hear her and come after her.

They swing off the vines towards her…