The Last Pickle

​Scoil Naomh Iosaf, 4th class County Wicklow

One evening, in the sewers of New York, Dr. Figgsbottom and Zappydoodle the unicorn were playing cards. 

‘Where are my pickles?’’ yelled Dr. Figgsbottom.

‘‘Here’s a deal,’’ replied Zappydoodle. ‘‘If you win this game, you can have my jar of pickles.’’

Suddenly the president of the US, Shappydoopy, appeared on CNN.

‘We are going to organise a big race, and after that we will build a big wall.

The winner gets a giant jar of pickles,’’ he announced. 

The vice-president, Manfred the Avocado, then came on air: ‘‘Dr. Figgsbottom will NOT be allowed to race. If he does, he will be executed!’’

Zappydoodle flipped the table in anger and then noticed a small microphone which had been recording everything they were saying...