Lasagne’s Rainbow Adventure

Scoil Cholmcille​, 3rd class, County Wicklow, 9th May 2019

Once upon a time Lasagne the Unicorn’s Horn nearly fell off.

Orange the Pegasus saved it with her teeth.

Then there was a rip in the sky and out came a flying dragon.

Lasagne said to his friend:

‘‘Thank You for saving my horn’’.

‘‘You’re welcome, no problem’’, his friend Orange replied.

When the dragon came out of the rip in the sky, it tried to eat Lasagne’s Horn because the horn is powerful and delicious.

Then Lasagne (though she was unaware she could do this) made a rainbow out of the sky, and they climbed up the rainbow.

The dragon swooped down and grabbed Orange.

Then he breathed fire on Lasagne and it was a Pizza Fire.

Orange looked up and saw a dragon stampede coming from the distance...