Larry and Ham's Adventure In Icetopia

St. Francis, Priorswood, 4th Class
Larry the half-eaten icecream and Ham the toothless dracula were walking down the road when a leprechaun came along and started chasing Larry.

Ham tried to bite him but the leprechaun said “Get away from me!” and whacked him with a stick.

The leprechaun took a bite of Larry but his teeth hurt because they were sensitive.

 Larry said “I’m going to whack you in the head!” They threw away the leprechaun and they ran to Iceotopia.

They went into the Belly-dancer club. Larry got up on a table to show off his stuff but he fell off the table. He broke his cone. ”OUCH!!” he screamed.

Ham had to go to the shop to get a new cone for him. He went back to the club and the leprechaun found him again.

The leprechaun said “Hey, what are you doing here? This is my club.”

Ham and Larry both did a runner out of the club.

The leprechaun chased after them but got hit by a car. Larry said to the leprechaun “I’m not afraid of you!”

The leprechaun said “You haven’t seen the last of me…”