The Kung-Fu Family

Rathdown Junior School, 1st Class, 10th January 2012 
Once upon a time, there was a  granny who was the very best at kung-fu in the world.

She lived in a really dark cave in the middle of these really stormy, snow-capped mountains with Spotty, her kung-fu baby.

She got sick of living in this horrible, no good, very bad, terrible cave, so she decided to set off and go get some magical flowers!

These magical flowers could transport you wherever you want to go when you smell them!  As she was wrapping up Spotty, she said, “Come on, let’s go get those flowers!!!”

She walked for TWO HUNDRED MILES!!! Down her mountain, through the desert, over more mountains, until she came to a beach. Nothing would stop her!

So she tied Spotty to her back, and started to swim. She swam for two days and nights, no exaggeration, until eventually she came ashore on a very plain island.

Too plain. She had to dig through the sand to find the flowers, but as she began to dig, a BIG. RED. FIRE-BREATHING. DRAGON appeared.

“Don’t go near my magical flowers,” roared the Dragon!