The King of Chocolates

St Colmcille’s Junior National School, Knocklyon​, 2nd Class, 18th December 2018

It was a snowy day in Chocolateland and it was raining sugar.

Chocolate the Chocolate was riding on Bill the unicorn’s head.

Chocolate the Chocolate said to Bill the Unicorn, “We must go inside it’s snowing!”

After five minutes they went outside and found a coin to put in the well.

They bought a mansion because they were millionaires.

When they moved into the house they found loads of chocolates.

They bought a chocolate Bugati racing car.

They bought a chocolate football.

They bought a chocolate helicopter.

Chocolate the Chocolate was the ‘King of Chocolates’.

Suddenly, the dark chocolate army took over and over-threw Chocolate the Chocolate the ‘King of Chocolates’ . . .