Killer Nuggets and the new school

St Coen’s NS, 6th class, County Wicklow, 9th November 2017

It was time for Jason to get up for school. Even though he hated school he still had to go to school.

He was nervous as it was a new school and it was his first day.

He walked to school and met his best friend Albert half-way there.

They were moving school together. “I wish my Dad could be here to see me going to my new school” Jason said. “Poor chap” Albert said and looked down at his feet.

“What class are you in?” Jason asked Albert. Albert replied “Class 1B – what class are you in”?

“Oh no, we may ask the Principal to change class” Jason said.

When they got to school, Jake the school bully came up to them. He threw chicken nuggets at Jason.

“Ahhh” shouted Jason waving his arms “I am allergic to them”.

He had a panic attack and ran home. After school, Albert ran to Jason’s house to see if he was OK.

But he wasn’t there…