Kiki the Koala and the Sumo Showdown

St Angela’s National School, Castlebar, 5th Class, County Mayo, 23rd January 2018

Kiki the Koala gasped for breath as the evil broccoli closes in on her.

A carrot emerged from a hole in the ground and joined the broccoli in the chase.

“Ah! Bob, help me!” screamed Kiki the Koala. “My nails are going to be ruined!”

Suddenly, an avocado jumped out of the undergrowth and joined the pursuit.

Miles away, in a Beijing restaurant, Bob was tucking into a delicious meal of noodles, dumplings and vegetables.

Because of his supersonic hearing, Bob heard Kiki’s crieds. But because he was a sloth, it took ages for him to get to the nail polish shop.

When Bob enters Chinese Nails he asked, “Can…I…have…no…orange…no…red…no…blue…no…pink!!!” he asked, desperately slowly.

Penny the Panda, the Chinese Nails receptionist, looked impatiently at Bob as she files her nails with a piece of bamboo.

“Can you hurry up, please? There’s a line forming behind you,” she snapped as she threw the pink nail polish into his hand.

Bob dropped all his coins onto the floor.

Meanwhile, back in the jungle, a cauliflower and a gang of brussel sprouts have joined in the hunt to capture Kiki the Koala…