The Kids Are All Right

By Faye, age 9 – Rathfarnham, Dublin

“Right, I am off to Dublin,” said Ms Dainty.  “I am not buying any presents for any children in the orphanage this time.”

“Quick Daniel! This is your chance to follow your dreams, to get out of the orphanage,'' said Beth.

“All right!” said Daniel.

Daniel went running straight for the boot until he saw envelopes. Daniel rushed back to Beth. “Let's go together,” said Daniel.

“Why?” asked Beth. “Let me guess, it’s because of your fear of envelopes?”

“Exactly,” Daniel replied. “Now, let's go.”

Beth tugged Daniel to the boot of the car. Bang! went the door of the car.

“Be very quiet,'' said Beth.

“But they are going all the way from Galway to Dublin!” Daniel cried. “How am I supposed to be quiet if I won the Chatterbox of the Orphanage Award for four years in a row?”

“Just be quiet or I will put Sellotape over your mouth,” Beth warned.

“But it's my birthday tomorrow.”

“Just be quiet”


“Don't say but again.”


“Argh.  Look, Ms Dainty is getting into the car. Be quiet,” said Beth.

“Nice, nice kitty cat,” said Daniel.

“Ah great, said Beth later on. “He’s asleep, now I have to do all the work.”

“Company halt,” murmured Daniel.

“What is he now dreaming about? Our orphanage school play?” Beth wondered. “Brrr Brrr, it looks like we’re on the road.”

What does the fox say? “Oh! I love this song,” said Ms Dainty.

“Not this song” groaned Beth.

Beep!  “Ha, she’s turned it up,” said Daniel.

“Ughhhh,” said Beth. “This is my first car trip and I feel like I never want to see a car again.”

“Oh! This is the song from the 80s, when I went to the discos,” said Ms Dainty. “I still have the groove.”

“Curse you radio, curse your 80s music,” said Beth. “I’m going to go bananas.”

“I love this song,” said Daniel. “This is 1980s music, it’s brilliant.”

“But it’s so old…how could you like’s….ah, never mind,” said Beth.


“Owww”, said Daniel.  “Are you okay, Beth?”

“Yes...I’m okay,” she replied.

“What happened?”

“I think the car crashed. Now is a good time to escape!” Beth said.

“Look, there’s a dancing class. I might join,” said Daniel.

“Really?” said Beth.

“Really,” replied Daniel.

“Okay,” Beth said.  “Then go over to the door.”

Rat-a-tat tat! Daniel knocked on the door.

“Hello?” said someone.

“Can you open the door, please?” said Beth.

“Okay!”  Creak went the door.

“Huh?  A handbag?” said Daniel.

“Yes, a talking handbag,” replied the handbag. “I will be your dance teacher.”

“Totally normal,” said Daniel

“Normal” replied Beth. “Just like in the movies. You might want to second class stuff,” said Beth.

“All right,” said the handbag.

“Daniel, I have an idea,” said Beth. “Let’s try and find our parents.”

“Only if we bring the handbag,” Daniel replied.

“Just call me Aurora,” said the handbag.

“Let’s go then,” said Beth.  “Look, there’s a motorcycle. Hop on.”

“How?” said Daniel.

“Just get on,” said Beth.

Brr Brr and they were are off to Dublin City.

“I’m so bored!” Daniel complained.

“Shut up, Daniel,” said Beth.

“Fine!” snapped Daniel.

“We are here,” said Aurora.

“How?” asked Daniel.

“I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Now, let’s find your parents.  We have been walking for hours,” said Beth.

“If only we had our kids,” a woman said in the distance.

“Look, I heard someone talking about their kids. Let’s go over to them,” said Beth.

They went over to the person who had spoken. “Hi, do you have any lost kids called Beth or Daniel?”

“Yes, I actually have lost both my kids and they are called Beth and Daniel!” said the stranger .

“What is your last name, Miss?” asked Beth.

“My last name is Fowler,” she replied.

“So is mine!” said Beth.

“And mine!” replied Daniel.

“I never knew that you knew your last name Daniel,” said Beth.

“I do, I just didn’t tell anybody,” said Daniel. “Does that mean we are brother and sister?”

“Enough of the chit chat ! Come home with me and we will have a party to celebrate,” said Miss Fowler.

“I’m so happy!” said Beth and Daniel at the same time.

Tears were coming out of their eyes.

“I love you, Mom,” said Daniel.

“So do I. Aurora, you can come along with us,” said Beth. “and live with us.”

“That would be lovely,” said Miss Fowler.

“I would love to,” said Aurora.