The Key, the Chicken, the Butcher and the Cookie

St.Brigids Primary School, Ballsbridge, 6th Class
Suddenly a scream came from the kitchen from the little baby.

She had seen the angry chicken talking to Hamish, the mystery key. They were in the middle of a fight about a cookie.

“Why’d you eat my cookie?” said Hamish to Bob, the angry chicken.

“Because I felt like it and you don’t deserve it!” shouted Bob. “You ate my last Pop Tart!”

Just then, the baby’s father arrived in and shouted, “Honey, I’m home!”

The mystery key saw the butcher open the door and he said to Bob, “Hurry! Here’s the chicken murderer. Jump into the cookie jar, he’s on a diet.”

(The butcher was very plump and round and trying to lose weight).

The mother ran to her husband and asked how his day was at the butcher’s shop. He had the angry chicken’s brother in his hand, dead. “It’s going to be a feast tonight, darling,” he said. “But we need one more chicken.”

As soon as the chicken got to the top of the cookie jar, he realized it was closed. He got frustrated and pushed it off the counter. The butcher was alerted to the noise. He chased the chicken around the kitchen and said, “Get back here, you stupid chicken!”

The butcher called out to his wife, “Get the butcher knife, there’s going to be a feast tonight.”

The mystery key picked up a cookie and threw it out the window. This distracted both the chicken and the butcher....