Kevin, Gerry and The Evil Donald Dump

St Andrews, Bray, County Wicklow, 4th Class, 26 October 2016

One day Kevin went to the bouncy castle in the land of string cheese with Gerry the Unicorn.

When they were on their way back in Gerry’s Flying Rainbow Farting Lamborghini, they saw Donald Dump on his big floating wall.

“Time to eat a string cheese,” said Kevin. 

“Let’s do that and start dabbing,” said Gerry.

“Let’s take out the Gumball gun and shoot Donald Dump,” said Gerry.

“Dang we missed,” Kevin shouted.

“I guess it’s time to eat more string cheese,” Gerry said.

Suddenly Donald Dump started throwing sombrero bombs at them. 

“Bing bong spaghetti, take that,” Donald Dump screamed. 

The sombrero bombs hit the Lamborghini and it started going down…