Kevin and Devon the unstoppable DJ duo

St. Dominic’s NS, 5th class, County Wicklow, 2nd October 2018

Once upon a time there was a banana who broke out of the fridge.

His name was Kevin and his greatest wish was to be a DJ.

After he opened the fridge door he saw a pickle banging on the glass of his jar.

Kevin felt bad so he used his skin to grab the jar and push it off the edge of the counter.

The jar smashed and the pickle was free!

“Woah! Thank you for freeing me!” the pickle exclaimed. “I’m Devon, what’s your name bro?”

“My name is Kevin dude”

They were running from the kitchen to the hallway, towards the door, when Kevin saw a DJ on the telly.

He got so distracted that he didn’t hear Devon telling him to hurry up. Finally Devon turned off the TV and pulled Kevin out the window.

When they jumped out the window they noticed that they were in the zoo, and there were monkeys everywhere looking at them…