The Karate-Bean

St. Kevin’s National School, Gorey, Co. Wexford, 6th/5th Class, 16th October 2012
Mischief the Jellybean Prince was in a packet of Maltesers. He was feeling terrified.

The leader of the Maltesers (the Malteser King) had kidnapped Mischief in the factory and put him in the packet.

“I will get my revenge on the Malteser King,” he thought to himself.

The other Maltesers were bullying him. They were threatening him and had surrounded him!

“We’ve got you now! We’re going to eat you!” they chanted.

Suddenly, the packet was opened.

A girl had opened it for her little brother, who spilled them all over the floor.

“I’m free!” shouted Mischief.

The Malteser King was chasing after Mischief.

Just then the little boy picked up both the Malteser King and Mischief. 

He was about to eat them when Diablo, the fire-breathing rubber duckie came in to save the day.

“Quack!” said Diablo.

The boy said, “Oh, duckie! Quack quack!” 

Diablo melted the chocolate off the Malteser King who ran away, embarrassed.

“Thanks a lot!” said Mischief.
“You have potential, but you’re reckless. Let me teach you. I’m a ninja master.”

Diablo and Mischief went off to the bathroom to train...