The Jumbo powered superspeed wheelchair

St Brigid’s, Manor Kilbride, 5th & 6th class, County Wicklow, 23rd March 2017

Once upon a time there was a grumpy man called Bob.

He couldn’t walk, so his best friend, a Honda 50 super speed wheelchair, helped him through his lonely life.

He didn’t have any friends, because he was so grumpy.

His great fear was that Donald Dump would build a wall around his wheelchair, which was made in Mexico.

The only joy he had in his life was eating spaghetti, and his enemy Jeff El Diablo, who had a house made of spaghetti, was also trying to win the world record of eating spaghetti: the most, the fastest.

Bob couldn’t afford to go to the spaghetti eating competition so he wanted to win some money. 

Bob decided to buy a scratch card from a man called Bob Leo in Centra.

In Centra he also bought two Jumbo breakfast rolls to power his Honda 50. 

But the wheelchair said: 

“You forgot the mayonnaise!” and skidded towards the cliff…