Julia and the stolen jewels

St Columba's Glasnevin,3rd Class
Once upon a time, there was a friendly mermaid called Julia.  She wanted everyone to be nice.

She did not want people to be cranky to her and her pet seahorse. Mrs McConkey was very cranky and she smelled a lot because cranky people don’t wash very often.

The mermaid could even smell evil off her. 

One day Mrs McConkey went into her castle, Atlantis.  The castle was full of jewels and pearls. 

Mrs McConkey had stolen them all. Mrs McConkey didn’t like Julia the mermaid or Julia’s friend, Splash.

They weren’t evil like her.  Splash the Dolphin had called the UWFC (the Under Water Fighters of Crime) and reported Mrs McConkey. 

Mrs McConkey had whacked Julia with her sledgehammer.

Then Mrs McConkey locked Julia in her castle dungeon and stole the jewels that her mother had left her.

When Mrs McConkey heard that she’d been reported to the UWFC she ran back to her castle and locked the door. 

She was sweating so badly she sprayed herself with her new perfume, ‘EVIL’