Jojo the Unicow

​Killawalla National School, 2nd – 6th Class and Carnacon National School, 3rd – 6th class, County Mayo, 4 April 2017

Once upon a time, there was a lonely unicow called Jojo. 

Jojo was in search of a new friend.

He lived in a field, close to a forest, in a different dimension.

This dimension was called Uniland where lots of other unianimals lived.

Like the other animals, Jojo had one large horn in the centre of his head, but he was still very lonely.

Jojo had a secret ambition -  to spark-fart rainbows to be noticed.

One day, Jojo was walking in the forest practicing when he met a sad unipig. 

“Hello,” said Jojo. “What is your name?” 

 “My name is Peter,” the pig sighed…