Johnny and Trey’s amazing adventures

Our Lady of the Wayside, Kilternan, 6th class, County Wicklow,18 September 2018

Our story begins in a field where Johnny is eating grass with Trey the tortoise.

Johnny starts drinking from a bucket of dirty brown rainwater.

‘Let’s go down to the river,’ Johnny exclaimed to Trey the tortoise, ‘the very river where I met you under that moist leaf you live under.’

‘I remember that day my leg was broken and I couldn’t move anywhere,’ said Trey.

‘That was the day my owner kicked me out,’ said Trey.

‘I wonder what has happened to your owners since then,’ said Johnny.

‘My owner hated me but I kept going back until he broke my leg with a wooden spoon and dumped me by the river,’ sobbed Trey.

That day Trey had been carried by a stream to the place of the moist leaf.

Then Trey heard the words ‘Oh, I wish I could eat that carrot but I can’t!’ coming from from the mouth of a small bald boy. It was Johnny …