John Joe’s Worst Day Ever

Derrylamogue National School, Rosenallis, 5th & 6th Class, Fighting Words Laois, 19 May 2021

Once upon a time there was a funny farmer called John Joe and his best friend Little Timmy the mouse.

Little Timmy was driving a tractor and he nearly knocked down John Joe. Little Timmy jumped out of the tractor to try and save John Joe.

Timmy says, “watch out the tractor is going to go flying into the corn.”

“You silly mouse, what were you thinking?” says John Joe in a sarcastic voice. The tractor drives into the corn and it explodes!

They were in a cornfield and the corn went on fire and it started popping like popcorn.

John Joe says, “let’s start eating it, we can’t let it go to waste”.

Little Timmy says, “let’s invite some of my friends”.

Suddenly a whole gang of mice wearing raybans arrive.

John Joe takes some of Timmy’s popcorn and so Timmy bites him. John Joe starts screaming.

He grabs Timmy by the tail and throws him into the electric fence and shouts “you don’t do that again” in a German accent.

John Joe was so disappointed that he sold Timmy.

Timmy felt bad so he went to a dealership and bought a brand-new tractor for John Joe.

He makes a clue trail and leads John Joe into the shed.

The trail is made of cheese, at the end of the trail is the tractor full of popcorn.

Then the next day they went out to the shed and the tractor was missing…