Joe’s Big Adventure

Esker Educate Together National School, Adamstown, 4th Class, 5 November 2012
Once upon a time there was Joe the fighter and his best friend Christie the footballer.

One day, they were on a football pitch.  The ball they were playing with got lost in the forest.  They were trying to find the ball and they ran into a desert.  And then Christie got lost in the desert.

All that was in Joe’s head was that he was afraid of dying. Joe the fighter ran into a hooligan who asked him  his name.

The hooligan pushed Joe into the quicksand, and he found himself in a different world called Jupiter!  Joe looked beside himself and there was a croca-donkey.

Christie tried to find his friend Joe, but he did not know he was now in a different world. Christie found a zombie, who told him that Joe was on the Jupiter world.

Christie asked the zombie, “What do you want from me?”

The zombie said, “Where are you going?”

Christie said, “I’m going to find Joe, my best friend.”
The zombie said, “Come with me and I can take you to Jupiter.”

They were walking and they fell into the quicksand and...