JJ and the Golden Microphone

Nun’s Cross NS, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 4th April 2017

Once upon a time there was a DJ called JJ. He was away on a trip to New York and there he met a lion.

“My name is Smarty Pants, I run around the streets of New York jumping into trash bags,” said the lion. 

“What do you eat?” said JJ. 

“I eat smelly fish that I find in the trash can, of course!” said Smarty Pants.

“Hmm… I am lost and can’t find my way out of the jungle,” exclaimed JJ.

“Smarty Pants, can you please lead the way out of the jungle?” he asked. 

Smarty Pants replied:

“No, we are in a magic jungle in Texas, an asteroid hit the car and teleported us”. 

“What is your job?” Smarty Pants asked. 

“I am a DJ and I’m trying to beat DJ Rock in a special DJ competition.

He has won it 7 times in a row… I just wish I had The Golden Microphone”.

Smarty Pants said: “I know where the Golden Microphone is.

It’s in a magic volcano on the other side of Texas.

The magic volcano is surrounded by laser candy, dinosaurs and falling melted chocolate that traps you like sticky mud”.

JJ’s phone rang. It was DJ Rock calling on Facetime. 

JJ answered the call, and DJ Rock was standing on top of the volcano, the Golden Microphone in his hand.

“It’s mine, all mine” he cackled…